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The aim of this paper is to analyze the trend of infant mortality in Kaduna State. The rising trend in mortality rates in Kaduna State seem to be firmly established and this would appear as the most striking demographic phenomenon of the last seven years. Data from Jama’a, Kaduna South and Zaria Local Government Areas hospitals from 2005 to 2014 were analyzed to assess the trend of infant mortality. A semi-structured questionnaire was purposively administered to 386 respondents in the study area. Descriptive statistics was used to summarize the data into frequency, averages and percentages. ANOVA and Logistic regression technique were used to determine the relative contribution of each factor responsible for infant mortality using SPSS 20.0 version. The results reveal that majority of the respondents 65.0% were between the ages of 20-34 years, 36.8 Hausa/Fulani, and 51.0% were Muslims. The trend has been decreased, although the decrease was small over the years. The years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 saw either steady declined or completely no change in the trends of infant mortality. Logistic regression revealed that distance from the health facility (0.379), age at first marriage (0.138), age of mother (0.118), marital status (0.064), level of education (0.064) and length of breast feeding 0.054 correlated with infant mortality. On the basis of the findings, the study recommends the adolescent girls should be encouraged to go for educational training in schools in order to lengthen age at first birth and therefore reduce child death at first birth order. Also, health services should be brought nearer to the local communities with a bid to increase accessibility of the mothers to medical facilities thereby reducing infant mortality.

Key words: Health facilities, infant, mortality, pattern, trends

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How to cite: Bako (2017): Pattern of infant (0-1 year) mortality in Kaduna state, Nigeria; Nigerian Journal of Scientific Research, 16(4): 2017; July - August; njsr.abu.edu.ng


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